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Control Your Entire Home With a Nexia by Trane

Take control of your entire home with the help of a Nexia wireless internet thermostat. All your doors, lights, and other house components will be connected into a single system that you can control from a central location or your phone.

AAA Service Company Heating & Cooling receives specialized training for installing and setting up this kind of smart home system in residences like yours. Call 573-424-6554 to get a Nexia thermostat installed at an affordable price today.

Connect All Components of Your Home Into 1 System

• Front door
• Garage door
• Thermostat
• Lights
• Alarm systems
• Wireless cameras
• Motion sensors
• Ceiling fans
• Doorbell

Enjoy Endless Possibilities with Nexia Home Intelligence

Remotely control your home's most important systems with Nexia Home Intelligence which easily allows you to manage lighting, security, climate control via web-enabled products including computers, smartphones and tablets. For a monthly subscription you can enjoy home automation with remote management to complete control comfort, efficiency and security within your property no matter where you are. 

This one system offers limitless capabilities and customization so you can connect and control all the components of your home. The app is easy and efficient to use so you can choose how your smart devices work together via the user modes for one seamless system. With the Nexia app you can enjoy a simple solution to all the moving parts that keep your home maintained performing optimally.

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